[Jewelry embracing all your secret feelings]

The only absolute existence, coloring and maximizing feminine beauty

Welcome to the world of "maison de 851”

"Maison de 851" is a jewelry brand that creates confidence and beauty by keeping close to you, the constantly growing you.

Women living out their lives with happy, fun, regretful moments every day …

Put it on and have your body and spirit soothed. It stands out your natural self and femininity.

We should always remember that gems created by nature have everlasting beauty shining at all times.

We want vibrant and busy people in the modern times to feel the power of authentic jewelry…

Artisans of "maison de 851" never compromise for such a strong will, and we completes every detail of every piece of jewelry heartfully.

Our designs are attractive for its sense of nostalgic security, with an edge for you to experience the traditional culture of Japan.

The Shintoist and Buddhist decoration along with the colors focusing on Japanese harmony are also popular in overseas countries- they are the accents for sophisticated ladies.

851 is written vertically, which is the brand image of "maison de 851". It is based on the culture of stamps in Japan.

The discernible design fuses simplicity and modernity in Japanese tradition, which is our originality.

The jewelry of "maison de 851" is made in Japan with precious metals that are environmental-friendly and nonstimulative to human skin.

We aim to develop accessories with a sense of nostalgic security to uplift your days.

Timeless, never-ending jewelry for you…

Indulge in the elegant world view our professional artisans put into "maison de 851".